Monday, August 29, 2016

To be moved by fish. (Finding Dory)


Great cinema experience yesterday, for the 8-year-old, the 12-year-old, the 17-year-old and the two 45-year-olds. 
One thing is that you laugh out loud many times, but when you also end up getting moved, touched, by fish! Touched by cartoon fish, to be more specific, well, then the movie makers have done a pretty good job. I recommend this movie to everybody. It's about being different. It's about overcoming personal problems. About thinking outside the box, finding solutions. And it's about not judging people by their appearance. And then, with "Unforgettable" during the end credits, one can relax and enjoy thinking about the movie. (And the few of us who actually sat through all the credits, got the bonus: An extra scene at the end.😄)


Flott kinoopplevelse i går, for 8-åringen, 12-åringen, 17-åringen og de to 45-åringene! 
En ting er at man gapskratter mange ganger mens man sitter der i salen, men når man i tillegg blir rørt... av fisk! Blir rørt av tegnefilm-fisk faktisk, da tenker jeg at filmskaperne har gjort en ganske god jobb. 

Anbefaler alle å se "Finding Dory". Det handler om annerledeshet. Om å overkomme personlige problemer. Om tilhørighet og vennskap. Om å ikke dømme folk etter førsteinntrykket. Og med "Unforgettable" mens rulletekstene gikk, satt jeg og koste meg og fordøyde det jeg nettopp så. (Og vi få som satt gjennom absolutt alle rulletekstene fikk bonus: En herlig ekstra scene helt til slutt! 

Official trailer:

Sunday, August 14, 2016


Ok, so it was yesterday, but after posting this picture to Facebbok, I didn't get around to posting it here, as was the original plan, so here goes:

We've been married for 22 years, been hanging out a couple of years more than that, and we have four kids born in three countries. 

Life is an adventure, I'm lucky to be traveling trough it with this man, and it's really true that the road is made by walking..
Looking forward to the next chapter of our story!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Musk Ox

This musk ox was right outside my car window. I've never before been that close to this strange animal, and it's really something!

The musk oxen were introduced from Greenland to the Dovre mountain area in Norway in 1912. During the WW2, they were hunted and finally extinct, but in 1947, new animals were brought over, and today there are about 300 of them.

Some kind of experiment, to just place a species like that, but this has actually worked, and they don't seem to alter the ecosystem at all, but thrive without harming the nature around them. They look peaceful and friendly, but they are big animals (200 kg) and can be really dangerous, if you get too close. 

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Day - Rembrandt

smile emoticon

One of Rembrandts less known paintings, but one of my favorites and very untraditional!
It is called "The pilgrims of Emmaus", and it shows the awestruck face of the man who just realized it is Jesus sitting there sharing the evening meal with them. The way it is painted, we have the illusion that the light comes from Jesus, lighting up the other man's face. Jesus himself is shown in silhuette, he who is the reason we have all these holidays... (In Norway, both Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Monday are public holidays.)
Happy Easter!

Det er et av Rembrandts mindre kjente bilder, men en av mine favoritter og svært utradisjonelt!
Det heter "Emmausvandrerne" og viser forskrekkelsen til han som akkurat har skjønt at det er Jesus som sitter der på den andre siden av bordet...
Måten bildet er malt på, gjør at det virker som lyset kommer fra Jesus og lyser opp ansiktet på den forskrekkede mannen. Jesus selv er i silhuett, han som er årsaken til at vi har alle disse fridagene...

God påske! 

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Easter Eve - Deposition by Raphael

This beautiful and emotional scene is painted by Raphael in 1507.  We see Christ being taken down from the cross.  Mary, his mother, is to the right of the painting, eyes closed, falling into the other women's arms. Mary Magdalene is holding his hand and looking sick with grief. 
The painting is upstairs in the small, but wonderful Galleria Borghese in Rome.

"Nedtagelsen fra korset." Malt i 1507, av Rafael. Vi ser Kristus bli tatt ned fra korset. Maria, hans mor er til høyre i bildet, med lukkede øyne, faller sammen i armene på de andre kvinnene. Maria Magdalena holder hånden hans, med et blikk fullt av sorg.
Bildet henger i det lille, men vidunderlige Borghese-galleriet i Roma.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Good Friday - El Greco

Good Friday
This was painted over 400 years ago by El Greco and it depicts Christ being stripped of his garments before the crucifixion. It can be seen in the National Gallery in Oslo, Norway, and it's one of those paintings I have to see every time I'm there.